torsdag 7. november 2013

A world record in "book domino" - I love books!

I love books!  I love the feeling of holding a book in my hands while getting so deep into a story that I feel a part of the story. I also love the smell of a book and the anticipation before reading a new book and the sad feeling when I close the book after reading the last page.

After spending my Summers in NYC my friend always asked me if I had bought some cool clothes, well they stopped after always getting this answer "no, but I have like 10-15 new books I want to read :-)

So it might not be that weird that I am posting this video from a book fair in Antwerp, they made a new world record with a 6 minutes  "book domino" that ended up in fire works.

I especially love the part were the word books falls, isnt the world a amazing Place....

Not the best quality in the photo, but have a look at the video (that do not take 6 min)

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