tirsdag 13. september 2011

Happy birthday girls!

My friend Christine held a birthday party last Saterday and of course I had to make her a card. I have had a little dry spell for a couple of months now, but with the fall a lot of birthdays and a christening are coming up. This weekend I am celebrating my Mums cousins daughters birthday, she is turning 5 years old.

Christine likes to sing and drink wine/champagne, so I made her a pink card with elements like notes, a champagne cork and some funny girls.

 You have to put our head to one side to have a look at this photo as I can not find it on my computer.

Emma's card isfilled wuth butterflies and bright colours.

 Put your head to one side please...


tirsdag 6. september 2011

A Magical weekend on the Mountains

  The view

This weekend I borrowed a cabin on the
Mountains of Sjusjøen, my friend and I drove up in Friday afternoon after work, stopped for some groceries were we totally fell in love in the local dialect, I am sure I could marry a farmerboy from that part of the country only because of the dialect. After a few wrong turnes we found our way to the cabin. It has been 9 years since I last visited the cabin, but I still remembered the great view. I had been bragging about this breathtaking view to my friend, so I was so pleased that the weather was good and that we could see for miles. When we woke up the next morning the fog was so thick and low that we barely saw the three tops 20 meter from the cabin. So when the weather was not treating us good we drove 30 minutes down to Lillehammer to do some shopping and when we got back home we made up a fire in the fireplace and popped a botle of sparkling wine and made a lot of great food.
On Sunday before driving back home we went for a little walk around the cabin and I would love to show you the magical and fairylike  feeling we got with the fogg and the low threes on the mountain.

Our cabin


Can you see the alves dancing...


A beautiful fairy?

Handsome firemen and a "desperate" single Woman?

Today we were suprised by two very handsome firemen who came to my work claiming that the firealarm was set off. They came in a brand new yellow firetruck, I must admit that I like the old red ones better. When I went outside all the Ladies, my dear colleagues yelled, "Hi, Beatrice was it you that set of the firealam to get the handsome Firemen here"
I wonder what made them immediately think it was MY doing! True, I am single. True, I am on the look out for Mr. perfect, but really Ladies I am NOT that desperate that I have to set of a false fire alarm just to get a good look at two of Lørenskog hottest firemen! REALLY!