tirsdag 25. oktober 2011

Fat free New York style cheesecake in one two three!

A few years ago I could't not imagine a life without NY style cheesecake. After almost three years on my diet I have gotten used to it, but seriously it has been hard work to convince myself that it is bad for me. A couple a weeks ago a colleague of mine brought some cheesecake to work that had to be eaten, I was really strict with myself and I did not have a piece, just a small taste which I just had to have when she told me the recepie. It tastet like a piece of heaven, if heaven can have a taste. It was made of Philadelfia cream cheese and marshmallow fluff, she only whipped it together and it was done. I think she said she used butter crackers and butter for the bottom part of the cake, but I did'nt listen to that part since it is a big no no for me.
After having the smalles taste of a cheescake ever I sat there thinking about this recepie and a big smile came across my face as I realized that I could make my bellowed NY style cheesecake with almost no fat, only 5 % . If I had lived in the States I could have made a fat free NY style cheesecake, 0% fat. I thought I had died and come to heaven. I will definitly make this cake in Boston in November when I am visiting my Dearest Aunt.

I have not  made this low fat NY styel cheese cake yet, but today I made the filling with  two parts Philadelfia cream cheese and one part marshmallow fluff. I just wipped these two ingrediences together and it was done. Next time, I will make the whole cake and I will use Laurie Miller Tarrs MCT oil fudge brownie recepie,I will only use half of the batter for the bottom of the cake. In my mind this will be the greatest combination of flavours I love, chocolate and cheesecake.

I hope some of you will share  my entusiasme for this fat free NY style cheesecake.


lørdag 8. oktober 2011

Girsl out on a shopping spree

Girsl out on a shopping spree tends to turne out quite expensive. I wrote in my last article about the "LBD" that I am not particular fond of shopping for clothes, but every once in a while when I am out  shopping with friends I think its fun. Last weekend I was going to Sweden to buy lactose free and low fat milk. I ended up buying three more items that was not planned that day.  When that is said, I have thought about buying them for a while and I can easily defend each purchase:
  • My first purchase, a small umbrella. My other two are broken and I need a small one to carry around in my bag. It has to be small since I need to take it with me when I am out on town, so it has to fit in a small purse also. On this note I come to my second and most important purchase of the day....
  • A clutch bag that is big enough to fit a small umbrella, a hair brush (I am so vain when it comes to my hair), my cell and a couple of other small items.
  • The third purchase of the day was a shawl in a lovely dark pink with frills, I quote my friend "I didn't know that you had a little hippie inside you". Why I bought it is as simple as this, I need a vest this fall, so instead of a vest I will wear this beautiful shawl.
 Already last Saterday night  I had an opportunity to use my new clutch bag along with my "LBD", and I rocked the outfit with high black boots and some jewellery.

søndag 2. oktober 2011

How I grind meat - fat redused minced meat

I love hamburgers, meatballs and pizza with meatsauce, since I no longer can buy minced meat in the stores because of the large amount of fat I just have to make it myself. Last Winter I bought a grinder, I also mince turkey and fish.
Here is how I grind the meat:

First I cut away slinters and fat before I cut the meat into dices.

Then I feed the grinder with the meat.

When all the meat is minced I make 100 gram portaions that I freeze in plastic bags.

My Aunt who is a Wizard in the kitchen has taught me to make the portions of meat flat so they are faster to thaw later on.


A easy and tasty dinner idea!


Today I had beef served on rice and apple and red union compot. The recepie for the compot can be found in this article here. Cook the meat for 4 minuttes on each side, cook the rice as on instructionS and  make the compot while the meat and rice are cooking. Use mesurements/amount that will feed your family.

LBD - A little black dress

This week I finally became one of the many women around the world that has a LBD in their wardrobe, my search for this little piece of resistance has been long. I don't wear skirts or dresses to often but I like to dress up once in a while. For years the mantra that "every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion" has been luring on  my mind, but I have never stumbeld over one that I like and that was affordable until last week. I am not partically fond of shopping clothes, so if I find something  it just by good luck.
The origin to the little black dress dates back to the 1920s design of Coco Chanel who wanted to create a dress that would be long-lasting,versatile, affordable, accessible to the widest market possible and in a neutral color. The little black dress has for years been referred to as the "LBD". It is also said that if the dress is clearly part of a trend it is not counted as a "LBD", it has to be a dress that is classic and can survive for many years of fashion trends.
What I love about my "LBD" it that it is made of a fabric that dont wrinkel, so it is easy to put in a bag for a trip  or a long weekend and I can just pulled it out of the bag and give it a shake and it is ready to wear.

One of the most famous "LBD" was worn by actress Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I would like to dedicate this article to my good friend Anne, who has been my inspiration to become a mini fashionista . Love you Girl!

lørdag 1. oktober 2011

Is it Fall or is it a second Summer!

A couple of weeks ago my Mum took me around back at her house to show me what she had descovered a couple of days earlier. I thought it was some kind of exotic mushroom since it is Fall and she loves to go "hunting" for mushrooms in the surrounding woods, but no it was the wild strawberries that had started to bloom again with flowers and unripe berries.
Later that week I also heard on the radio that the chestnut threes was blooming for the second time this year.
This makes me wonder whats happening to our world, global warming and etc.

Something to think about!!!!

Two great ways to spend Friday Night

 The fall has come and it has rained a lot, but I would like to give a praise to the nice weather we have had that everyone seems to forget  every time it rains. I work at a daycare center and get to enjoy the good weather as I do get to experience the ugly weather when it is cold, windy and rainy outside and the kids have to go out and play, but I would like to remember and praise all the nice weather alsoThree weeks ago I left work early and the weather was great, so I desided to make the one houre drive to my Mums house in the country side and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. When I got there we sat outside in the sun and ate dinnner before we went for a lovely walk that gave us so much energy and happy feelings inside. When we got back I had a nice glass of Rosé watching the sun set before I went inside, baked a apple cake and fired up in the lovely fireplace from 1952.

 I went to bed that night feeling happy inside. Days like these makes it so much easier to accept that the Summer is over and makes the transition to nice Fall evenings inside with the fireplace burning with a good book sitting under the blanket and maybe enjoying a nice hot and spiced up apple cider. I will chare this recepie with you later this Fall.

The weather was as lovely as three weeks ago agian this Friday and I left work early again and headed out for my Mums place in the country side. I had planed to have a nice long walk with my Mum before going to my friend Lindas house to do some scrapping. Unfortuneatly I fell last Friday and hurt my foot real bad and was not able to go for a walk. We tried to, but had to turne after 100 meters because my foot hurt to much. So we had a nice dinner outside in the sun. After dinner I grabbed a big bag of candy and headed out for Lindas house. We ended up having candy, beer, soda and listening to Swedish folk songs while scrapping. I made a wonderfull birtday card for my Mum who turnes 60 in a couple of weeks.
It was a nice way to spend a Friday in the Fall of 2011.

Above, candy, beer and the card early on....

Below is the result of this cozy Friday night!