torsdag 14. juli 2011

Summer time and fun memories with Bertil The Goat.

This week I have been commuting between work and my friend Lindas house were I have been cat sitting for the beaiutiful Thomas the Cat. On my way home from work on Tuesday I met some of my friends Karianne, her son Lavrans and Anne. Lavrans is 5 years old and wanted to meet Anne's goat Bertil so we drove further out in the country side (Søndre Høland) to visit Bertil the Goat. Here we had a fun little photo shoot with Karianne's IPhone and and Bertil the Goat.
Here are some of the photos;

Bertil the Goat is getting to know me and to see if I am trust worthy.

I guess I passed his tests.

Bertil the Goat is nipping and liking me in my neck. It kind of tickled. This is not something I am used  to every day.

 Me, Anne and Bertil the Goat

If you want to see Bertil the Goat in action check out this You tube clip. 

torsdag 7. juli 2011

I am never getting to old to get gifts!!

Sometimes when my Mum or my Aunt have been traveling they bring me small gifts, they have always done that and I think that I will never get to old to love suprise gifts like that.

Last week my Mum came back from her trip in the Norwegian mountains to watch the farmers letting their horses out grazing in the mountains for the Summer season and she brought with her a suprise for me.
The suprise consisted of a nice tea cup in a unusual shape ( which I loved) that fits perfectly in to my hand, a tea strainer with a little dark blue tea kettle with stars and moons in gold on it, it is sooo cute and a couple of bags of tea. One with lemon tea and one with Aunties green tea.

Strawberries, one of my Summer favorites

Every Summer since I was two years old running and around in my Grand Parents strawberry fields I have been waiting for the strawberry season to begin. I like my strawberries dark red and sweet with no cream or sugar on them. I am told that that's was how my Dad liked his strawberries to. He died when I was 6 months old, so it is nice to know that we have some things in common.
I also love the sweet taste of wild strawberries, but they are so tiny to pick and they are gone in a second or two.

Strawberries from my Mum's strawberry field.


Wild strawberries carefully picked with much love and care by my Mum. The greatest Mum of all!

My favorite Summer dress, worn while eating the sweet and delicious strawberries above!

Going on a road trip to Denmark!

A week ago a friend of mine and I decided over a cup of coffee that we, two weeks from then were going on a road trip to Denmark. The main point of this trip is for me to stock up on fat reduced cocoa and to be adventurous and have fun. So we went to the nearest bookstore and bough a map, a book about Copenhagen and a book about Denmark.

The pan ist to bring a tent if the weather is good camping and if it is raining we will definitly take in at a hotel. We will just drive around and stop when ever it sooths us and we will BBQ, make mojitos and sit by the ocean. Today I went out to buy a hat and I all ready have red driving gloves, so now I am all already to go!!

With red nails, a hat and a bottle a Champagne, this vacation will be a great hit with a lots of fun!!