fredag 19. august 2011

Thomas the cute and cuddly cat

I don't need to get a animal of my own when I am so lucky to "baby sit" for my friends animals. The last week before I went on vacation I was so lucky to stay at one of my friends house in the country side to feed and look after her cute 6 months old cat Thomas. He was out on his adventures the first night so when he jumped infront of my car when I came home the second day, I picked him up and let him sitt on my lap for the rest of the drive up the driveway.
He wanted to be cuddled with all the time so  he would not leave me alone when I sat down on the couch watching a movie or when I read my book on the bed.

Thomas in the car

Thomas asleep on the couch after spending two days out on exiting adventures

Mjau, I am such a little satisfied cat.

Delicious and totally fat free pasta salad with green beans

Last weekend I spend some time in my Mum's garden and picked this season most deliciouse green beans. One of my favorit vegetables in the Summer are crispy green beans. I prefer them lightly steamed/boiled. So this week I have had deliciouse pasta salad with green beans for lunch three times.

I don't have exact mesurements, I only puts together what I think will keep me full and content for a while. The ingrediens of the salad were as follow:

Green beans

as garnish I used

Sliced lemons
Basil leaves


mandag 15. august 2011

Pip The Gunieapig on adventures

This weekend Pip and I went to cottage by a lake where she could stay outside on the grass. She was also let out of her cage and went on a adventure on the lawn.

A Lady on a road trip who don't mind getting her hands dirty!

As a result of that my car is getting older and I don't feel like paying more to get a reparation that cost more than my car is worth I have to check the motor oil regulary.

Here is me out side of Hamlets Castle checking the level of motor oil on my beloved Toyota who brought us safe and sound around in Denmark and back home to Norway this Summer.

Have a look at Kronborg Castle in the back ground.

A treasure for the Autum and Winter season found at Hamlet's Castle!

On my roadtrip to Denmark this Summer we stopped by Kronborg Slot (Castle) in Helsingør, the town and castle is best know for its legendary hero Hamlet, Shakespear's not-quite-fictious Prince of Denmark.

In the gift store I found this wonderful  Crown shaped candle stick and it was cheap to. If I would have bought this in an interior store home i Norway it would have cost me more than three times the price I gave for it in Denmark. I have also bought a couple of Christmas presents here.....

I am so happy about this royal buy.

This is the modern B, but I am dreaming about walking around in this courtyard with a large
renaissance dress and a hot night or a charming prince courting me. 

onsdag 3. august 2011

My August adventure! Pip - The Guniea Pig!

A few weeks ago I voluntered to "baby sit" Pip, the guniea pig. We have spent 6 days together now and I think we are starting to bond. I am more of a dog person than a cage animal person, but I think this is turning out well. Maybe after spending three weeks with Pip, the guniea pig, I might even consider one myself.
One of the things I like about Pip is that she smells like a clean stable and I do like spending time with horses and in a stable.

Pip enjoy her delicious treet, a cucumber.

Is she not just adorable!!

Where is the toilet brush????

I spent my last week of vacation this Summer in Stocholm with three friends. After getting up at dawn to catch a early flight to get in to Stockholm early for some seriouse exploring I had to use the bathroom at our hotel just after we checked in at Sheraton Stockholm. After doing number 2 I was in a serious need for a toilet brush to clean up after me, so my roomie on the trip could get out of there with a bill of clean health.
I thorougly search our bathroom and our friends bathroom, but there was no toilet brush to be found. As long as my knowlegde of Sheratons largest group of guests, The Americans. They do use the toilet, doing both number one and number two, so why are'nt the bathrooms equipt with toilet brushes?. Even the Youth hostels in Denmark equip their bath rooms with this necessery tool.

So my request of the Sheraton Hotels around the world is, please equip your bath rooms with toilet brushes!!!

Thank you!