mandag 7. februar 2011

Chocolate in different disguise, A sweet tooth's sweetest dreams!

After work today I went strait home to make myself some dinner to get my energy up and prevent my muscles to act up on me. I have no time for high ck levels now, anyway who wants that! So here I am on the couch having eaten a healty dinner and letting my body relax a little and it is no better time than now to check out different bloggs I follow. On one of them Tea & Cookies, there was a post on a hot chocolate crawl. A group of friend in Seattle every year, once during the long and cold Winter goes on a Hot chocolate crawl to try out and find the best hot chocolate in Seattle. This post really appealed to me as I am a sweet tooth, espescially for home made hot chocolate, the kind that is thick, dark and luscious. As I can not treat myself to one of those sinfully cups of hot chocolate I savor all my good memories of them I have had pre diagnose. I have some great memories from a Chocolate Museum in Barcelona, the hot chocolate was so thick and sweet and for a couple of moments I was in Paradise.

Last Christmas I went to Rome with some good friends, as one of them are addicted to espresso we made small stops in almost every  little cozy cafè we came by. I, myself don't care to much for any kind of coffee, so I got to try out a large range of ciccolata calda, some of them were just a sweet chocolate powder mixed with water or milk, but a couple of times I got a cup of heaven, as thick and sweet as a old fashion hot chocolate should be.

Other chocolate favorits of mine are èclair au chocolat, I used to indulge myself in them when ever I went to France which was quite often as my Aunt has a house in Provance and I love Paris. These days I only have one on every trip to France and I am very picky on which Boulangerie I buy it from.

I would also recomend all chocolate lover out there to watch "Chocolat" with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. I don't know what I love the most about the movie, the charming french atmosphere, the sinfully chocolate shop or JOHNNY DEPP (my favorite actor since "21th Jump Street").

Below are a couple of photos of the dark, sinfully, luscious, and delicous Mr Johnny Depp!!!

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