tirsdag 1. februar 2011

Turkey breast with oven baked vegetables and mashed potatoes

 I have been experimenting with roasting meat in the oven using a meat thermometer. This weekend I tried to roast turkey breast with oven baked vegetables and mashed potatoes.  I used the vegetables I had in my fridge which this time was carrots, red onion, white mushroom and apples (I know it is a fruit, but I like the sweet taste the apples gives with the turkey).  I also baked a couple of gloves of garlic that  i mashed into the potato mash, tastes great!

turkey breast                    
1,6  lb/ 750 g Turkey breast
salt, pepper, tabasco saus and paprika powder

vegetables makes two servings
2 large carrots split in half
2 white mushrooms split in halfs
1 apple split in two
1 red onion sliced in boats
3 garlic cloves with the peel on

Cut all the vegetables and put them in a oven proof baker/dish. Then prepare the turkey.
Cut away all the fat and others stuff you dont want to eat on the turkey and season it with salt, pepper, paprika powder and have som tabasco saus in you hands and rub the turkey with it. Heat up the frying pan and just fry the turkey breast so it gets a nice brown color then put the turkey on top of the vegetables and place the meat thermometer in the thickest part of the turkey. Then place the baker/dish in the oven on   360 F/180 C for about 45 minut or until the meat thermometer shows 155 F/68 C. Take the baker/dish out of the oven and let it rest for 15 minutes before you carve the meat.

potatomash makes two servings
4 potatos
skimmed milk
salt and pepper
3 baked garliv cloves, can be omitted.

While the turkey is in the oven, cut the potato into cubes and boil until tender and easy to mash, it takes about 15-20 minutes. After mashing the potatoes, stir in milk and add salt and peper and the baked and mashed garlic.


Meat thermometer

oven proof baker/dish

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