onsdag 13. april 2011

My very own olive tree, almost like in Seillans,Provance

I have been in love with the silver greeen olive trees since I went with my Aunt on a search for a old stone house with a small garden and a olive tree in Provance for more than 13 years ago. We did found our dream house in a lovely medival village. At the bottom of our village, Seillans there is a beautiful olive grove and there is nothing as beautiful as a olive grove in the early morning sun with last nights dew glittering in the sun light. I have wanted a olive tree in my living room for over a year now since I redecorated last Easter. I thought that the silver green leaves would work wonderful next to my new wall paper.

A couple of days ago one of my colleagues talked about her trip to IKEA to buy olive trees for her and her two children. She offered to stop by on her way home from work that day to see if they had some left, and they did. The very next day I was the proud owner of my first olive tree.

 It is not a Provance style olive grove, but I think it looks wonderful in my living room next to my modern wall paper.

A beautiful estate in our village

The olive grove in Seillans

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