torsdag 10. november 2011

"Make it simple!"

My African drums teacher Kossa thought me to make" it simple" when I choose my beat while playing the drums with the kids at work. We have a rime and rythm project going on and some of us have attended  African drum classes,  six houre intensive course last Spring and another shorter course today. We are learning, both children and adult a bunch of new and old rimes and riddles, its quite impressive how fast the children learn, I must admit that I am a slow learner. Can I blame it on my age and that my brain is so full of knowledge and wisdom that there is no room for  more???

On my way home from the course today  I suddenly realised that there is not only in my rythm and beat I should make it simple, it goes for most things in life too.

Sometimes I gets these revelations, I have no idea where they come from.

This is something for me to thing about when I on Saterday are going on vacation to Mexico and a couple of day with my Aunt in Boston.

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