tirsdag 25. oktober 2011

Fat free New York style cheesecake in one two three!

A few years ago I could't not imagine a life without NY style cheesecake. After almost three years on my diet I have gotten used to it, but seriously it has been hard work to convince myself that it is bad for me. A couple a weeks ago a colleague of mine brought some cheesecake to work that had to be eaten, I was really strict with myself and I did not have a piece, just a small taste which I just had to have when she told me the recepie. It tastet like a piece of heaven, if heaven can have a taste. It was made of Philadelfia cream cheese and marshmallow fluff, she only whipped it together and it was done. I think she said she used butter crackers and butter for the bottom part of the cake, but I did'nt listen to that part since it is a big no no for me.
After having the smalles taste of a cheescake ever I sat there thinking about this recepie and a big smile came across my face as I realized that I could make my bellowed NY style cheesecake with almost no fat, only 5 % . If I had lived in the States I could have made a fat free NY style cheesecake, 0% fat. I thought I had died and come to heaven. I will definitly make this cake in Boston in November when I am visiting my Dearest Aunt.

I have not  made this low fat NY styel cheese cake yet, but today I made the filling with  two parts Philadelfia cream cheese and one part marshmallow fluff. I just wipped these two ingrediences together and it was done. Next time, I will make the whole cake and I will use Laurie Miller Tarrs MCT oil fudge brownie recepie,I will only use half of the batter for the bottom of the cake. In my mind this will be the greatest combination of flavours I love, chocolate and cheesecake.

I hope some of you will share  my entusiasme for this fat free NY style cheesecake.


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