søndag 11. desember 2011

To all FODers - New inspiration!

This morning I had a look at the FOD Family Support Group web site, it have been ages since I last visited the web site. Since I am a little more than average interested in food and recipes I had a look at "nutrition & recipes", on the bottom of the page I found this:


Low-fat Recipes, Products and 'FUN-to-Read' Cook Books

I read "lowfat recipe blog from an adult FODer in Norway" and thought that must be me so i clicked on the link and up came my blog, "B` Serendipitious adventures". Then it came to me that Deb had asked me just when I started the blog last fall if she could make a link on the FOD web site to my blog. I had totally forgotten about that. When I startet this blog the purpose was to share my low fat recipes with other FODers and other people who loves food. Unfortuneatly I have not been inspired to  write about my experiences in my kitchen for a long time. This will change now, I promise. Let's think about this as an early New Year's resolution.

I would love it if you make comments on my blog, maybe you have a little twist on what I have done. I love new ideas when it comes to food and my recipes.

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