onsdag 25. januar 2012

Fat redused basil pesto

 I LOVE pesto, I used too use it to every thing, with salmon, pork, chicken, pasta, on soup bread, pita, ON burgers, IN burgers and on my sandwiches. After I started on the diet, store bought pesto was banned from my kitchen. For the last three years I have tride to make the perfect pesto with as little parmesan, pine nuts and oil ( I use MCT oil, which my body can break down without turning it in to poisen) as possible, but I have never been able to make it as I want it. Now I have come up with a pesto that is okey, you get used to make sacrifices on taste when you have to follow a strict diet as I have to, only 6-10 g fat a day. Off course the pesto from the store or the one Jamie Oliver makes taste fantastic, but they use like ten times the amount of parmesan, pine nuts and olive oil as I do.
So today I will share my "perfect" basil pesto:

0,10 oz pine nuts (3 g)
0,17 oz parmesan cheese (5 g)
1/2 clove of garlic
2 cups basil leaves (4dl)
1 tbsp MCT oil (use the oil your diet allows)
1/2 tbsp lemon juice (just to get the pesto more moist)

Lightly toast the pine nuts to get the nice creamy taste rather than a nutty taste when you toast them until they are brown.


 Then use a morter to ground the garlic, parmesan and pine nuts.

When this nice mix of great flavoures are ready, put it in a larger mixing bowl together with the basil and the oil.  Use a electric blender to to mince it all toghether or use a food processor and puls it all together.
Look at this nice and fresh green colour and the smell of parmesan and basil is just amazing. My mouth is watering as I writte this.

As I wrote  above I use pesto on almost every thing, last night I had pasta and chicken with pesto.
I had some left over and brought it to work the day afer, my co-workers was like hmmmm that smells nice, is it pesto?


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