mandag 9. januar 2012

Red wine fondue with my favorite vegetables and fruit

A couple of times a year the five women I work with get together and have an evening with good food and wine and exellent company. A couple of months ago we were sereved red wine fondue with chicken and smoked ham with a great variety of vegetables, salads, cheese and foccacia. This dinner was a relevation for me, I can actually make an adult dish with a little style that is so low in fat that it is ridiculous. The chicken that got this nice dark red/brownish colour after it was cooked in red wine was so tender that you can cut it in two by a faint blow.
This dish can be served with a lot of different vegetables, fruits, bread, both fat free or with fat as everyone can pick and choose what they fancy the most.
So for Christmas one of my whishes was to get a fondue pot, and guess what I got for Christmas from my Mum! Yes, a fondue pot in black iron casting, I was so thrilled. Last weekend I invited a good friend of my over for dinner, red wine fondue.

Here is a list of many things you can serve along with the Chicken, ham, or beef :

orange and red onion salad ( oranges slices in thin slices with thin slices of red onions)
sugar peas
water chestnuts
mini corn
paprika of all colours
whole garlic in a jar (water not oil)
feta cheese

I also served home made foccacia with mct oil. ( I will post the recipe later on)

You will a need a bottle of red wine, not the expensice kind. My colleauge  let the wine boil for a while to be sure the alcohol evaporated, since one of us was pregnant. I know that children might not appreciate the taste of red wine, then you can use vegetable or chicken broth instead.

It is so nice to sit around this fondue pot eating, drinking and having a good time. I think I also will use this  dish when I am alone, since it is perfect for a low fat diet and it is really healthy also.


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