onsdag 12. desember 2012

Christmas - Marked in Seillans

In the end of November I made a spontaneous desition to visit my Aunt in our house in Seillans, a beautiful mountain village in South of France. With spontaneous I mean I rang my Aunt on Monday night (from Norway) who lives in Boston, MA, but was at our house in Seillans for a couple of weeks and asked her what she was doing the next weekend and I wondered if I could fly down for a long weekend. She laught and told me that I was crazy, but of course I could come. The next day I arranged to get two days off work, rescheduled a Doctors appointment and booked my tickets. Four days later I was on my way to my beloved Aunt in lovely Seillans for four days.

We were lucky that on my first day there was two different Christmas markeds, one i the next village and one in our village. I wanted to show you all some photos from the marked i Seillans.

The local farmes sold some of their produce, hams, sausages, chevre, jams, marmelade and other goodies.

This chevre is made just up the hill from our village and the nice lady who I have met many times, have 42 goats and are expecting a lot of baby goats soon. She also have a B&B and a restaurant at the farm.

We also got warmed red wine with some fruit in it that tasted just delicouse!
Merry Christmas!

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