søndag 6. januar 2013

My new "good mood song"

I would like to share with you the song that makes me smile and gets me in a good mood when I have had a hard day and are feeling sad. The last couple of months has been challenging both physical and mentaly, the change of weather always affects my muscles and makes my days harder and unpredictable and that also affect other aspects in my life to. I know a lot of you out there that has a chronic disease or a family member, friend or other close to you with a chronic disease have a lot of up and downs. Some periods of the year are thougher than others.

I think it is extremly important, especially in these though periods to have something that will lift you up. Most of the time I find that there is the little things that helps me to get in a better mood, it can be a song that I like, a smile from my cutest little nephew or a funny comment from my sweet and funny niese.

My favorite "good mood song" for the last few weeks has been "Call me mayby" by Carly Rae Jepsen. It makes me turne up the volume and want to dance. And I can't dance, I have zero balance and no rhytme what so ever.....

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