onsdag 10. april 2013

My "new" dining area

I have finally find the money and inspiration to renew the dining area in my living room. I have a dream to live in a large warehouse appartment with a large and open living space and large windows with a great view of NYC. Since I dont live in the States this dream will always stay a dream, but this dream have given me the inspiration to how I have decoratet my dining room area. I already have a red brickstone wall that I have painted white and now I have bought a sideboard that gives the room an industrial look. I also have  made a dining room table out of different parts from Ikea. The table is work under progress, but it looks like the main idea I have and will work great until I find the right furniture that fits and that I can afford to.
I like that this sideboard works like a show case for my favorite books and things.

I needed more chairs, and ended up buying these stools that are ease to stack and take very little space. I like the industrial look they give and they also give some roughness to the room .

 NYC has a special place in my heart and my Aunt took me to my first Broadway musical when I was 10 and came to NYC for the first time on my own. I have seen a lot of musicals and I have saved all of the playbills.

Incoperated in the new look I have two of this great green chairs that are almost a hundred years old. My Grandfather, The Dentist had these chairs in his waiting room at his practice. I never met my Grand Father, so these are kind of special to me.

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