lørdag 3. august 2013

How to live slowly on a rainy day with thunder and lightning outside !

How I am spending this rainy day with thunder and lightning outside :
Staying long in my bed eating a nice breakfast and reading a good book.
Down loading a couple of movies for tonight.
Getting dressed with clothes I feel  and look good in.
Driving to the next town over to look in shops with interesting interior (not buying anything, only to get inspiration for my day dreams).

Bying myself a new tea, this time with carpiriniha taste, I am so looking forward to try it later tonight.
Bying a tall coffee to go and then driving home to  downloading favorite music I have heard this Summer.
Later on I will make home made pesto, have a look here.

When it gets darker outside I will lite som candles and enjoy myself.
Have a nice day!

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