søndag 30. januar 2011

Having fun with the English language, not a bilingual blogg anymore

When I started this blog, it was ment to be used as a channel for my adventures when cooking and experimenting with low fat/fat free recipes and a little of things a meet in my life. The first recipes I posted on this blogg was both in English and Norwegian, but it is so much work to translate the recipes into English so from now on I will fully consentrate on writting in English. All the mesurements will be both cups and liters, but the rest will be in English. Since many of my readers are from other Contries than Norway I will now write all the postings in English so you all can have use of the my whole blog.
I am not just doing this for all the non-Norwegians out there, but mostly for myself as I love to use and play with the English language. This is also a challenge I have given myself.
Please give me feedback both negative and positive things if it is about the content or grammar, thanks.

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