torsdag 14. juli 2011

Summer time and fun memories with Bertil The Goat.

This week I have been commuting between work and my friend Lindas house were I have been cat sitting for the beaiutiful Thomas the Cat. On my way home from work on Tuesday I met some of my friends Karianne, her son Lavrans and Anne. Lavrans is 5 years old and wanted to meet Anne's goat Bertil so we drove further out in the country side (Søndre Høland) to visit Bertil the Goat. Here we had a fun little photo shoot with Karianne's IPhone and and Bertil the Goat.
Here are some of the photos;

Bertil the Goat is getting to know me and to see if I am trust worthy.

I guess I passed his tests.

Bertil the Goat is nipping and liking me in my neck. It kind of tickled. This is not something I am used  to every day.

 Me, Anne and Bertil the Goat

If you want to see Bertil the Goat in action check out this You tube clip. 

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