torsdag 7. juli 2011

Strawberries, one of my Summer favorites

Every Summer since I was two years old running and around in my Grand Parents strawberry fields I have been waiting for the strawberry season to begin. I like my strawberries dark red and sweet with no cream or sugar on them. I am told that that's was how my Dad liked his strawberries to. He died when I was 6 months old, so it is nice to know that we have some things in common.
I also love the sweet taste of wild strawberries, but they are so tiny to pick and they are gone in a second or two.

Strawberries from my Mum's strawberry field.


Wild strawberries carefully picked with much love and care by my Mum. The greatest Mum of all!

My favorite Summer dress, worn while eating the sweet and delicious strawberries above!

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