torsdag 7. juli 2011

Going on a road trip to Denmark!

A week ago a friend of mine and I decided over a cup of coffee that we, two weeks from then were going on a road trip to Denmark. The main point of this trip is for me to stock up on fat reduced cocoa and to be adventurous and have fun. So we went to the nearest bookstore and bough a map, a book about Copenhagen and a book about Denmark.

The pan ist to bring a tent if the weather is good camping and if it is raining we will definitly take in at a hotel. We will just drive around and stop when ever it sooths us and we will BBQ, make mojitos and sit by the ocean. Today I went out to buy a hat and I all ready have red driving gloves, so now I am all already to go!!

With red nails, a hat and a bottle a Champagne, this vacation will be a great hit with a lots of fun!!

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