fredag 19. august 2011

Thomas the cute and cuddly cat

I don't need to get a animal of my own when I am so lucky to "baby sit" for my friends animals. The last week before I went on vacation I was so lucky to stay at one of my friends house in the country side to feed and look after her cute 6 months old cat Thomas. He was out on his adventures the first night so when he jumped infront of my car when I came home the second day, I picked him up and let him sitt on my lap for the rest of the drive up the driveway.
He wanted to be cuddled with all the time so  he would not leave me alone when I sat down on the couch watching a movie or when I read my book on the bed.

Thomas in the car

Thomas asleep on the couch after spending two days out on exiting adventures

Mjau, I am such a little satisfied cat.

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