onsdag 3. august 2011

Where is the toilet brush????

I spent my last week of vacation this Summer in Stocholm with three friends. After getting up at dawn to catch a early flight to get in to Stockholm early for some seriouse exploring I had to use the bathroom at our hotel just after we checked in at Sheraton Stockholm. After doing number 2 I was in a serious need for a toilet brush to clean up after me, so my roomie on the trip could get out of there with a bill of clean health.
I thorougly search our bathroom and our friends bathroom, but there was no toilet brush to be found. As long as my knowlegde of Sheratons largest group of guests, The Americans. They do use the toilet, doing both number one and number two, so why are'nt the bathrooms equipt with toilet brushes?. Even the Youth hostels in Denmark equip their bath rooms with this necessery tool.

So my request of the Sheraton Hotels around the world is, please equip your bath rooms with toilet brushes!!!

Thank you!

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