lørdag 8. oktober 2011

Girsl out on a shopping spree

Girsl out on a shopping spree tends to turne out quite expensive. I wrote in my last article about the "LBD" that I am not particular fond of shopping for clothes, but every once in a while when I am out  shopping with friends I think its fun. Last weekend I was going to Sweden to buy lactose free and low fat milk. I ended up buying three more items that was not planned that day.  When that is said, I have thought about buying them for a while and I can easily defend each purchase:
  • My first purchase, a small umbrella. My other two are broken and I need a small one to carry around in my bag. It has to be small since I need to take it with me when I am out on town, so it has to fit in a small purse also. On this note I come to my second and most important purchase of the day....
  • A clutch bag that is big enough to fit a small umbrella, a hair brush (I am so vain when it comes to my hair), my cell and a couple of other small items.
  • The third purchase of the day was a shawl in a lovely dark pink with frills, I quote my friend "I didn't know that you had a little hippie inside you". Why I bought it is as simple as this, I need a vest this fall, so instead of a vest I will wear this beautiful shawl.
 Already last Saterday night  I had an opportunity to use my new clutch bag along with my "LBD", and I rocked the outfit with high black boots and some jewellery.

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