lørdag 1. oktober 2011

Two great ways to spend Friday Night

 The fall has come and it has rained a lot, but I would like to give a praise to the nice weather we have had that everyone seems to forget  every time it rains. I work at a daycare center and get to enjoy the good weather as I do get to experience the ugly weather when it is cold, windy and rainy outside and the kids have to go out and play, but I would like to remember and praise all the nice weather alsoThree weeks ago I left work early and the weather was great, so I desided to make the one houre drive to my Mums house in the country side and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. When I got there we sat outside in the sun and ate dinnner before we went for a lovely walk that gave us so much energy and happy feelings inside. When we got back I had a nice glass of Rosé watching the sun set before I went inside, baked a apple cake and fired up in the lovely fireplace from 1952.

 I went to bed that night feeling happy inside. Days like these makes it so much easier to accept that the Summer is over and makes the transition to nice Fall evenings inside with the fireplace burning with a good book sitting under the blanket and maybe enjoying a nice hot and spiced up apple cider. I will chare this recepie with you later this Fall.

The weather was as lovely as three weeks ago agian this Friday and I left work early again and headed out for my Mums place in the country side. I had planed to have a nice long walk with my Mum before going to my friend Lindas house to do some scrapping. Unfortuneatly I fell last Friday and hurt my foot real bad and was not able to go for a walk. We tried to, but had to turne after 100 meters because my foot hurt to much. So we had a nice dinner outside in the sun. After dinner I grabbed a big bag of candy and headed out for Lindas house. We ended up having candy, beer, soda and listening to Swedish folk songs while scrapping. I made a wonderfull birtday card for my Mum who turnes 60 in a couple of weeks.
It was a nice way to spend a Friday in the Fall of 2011.

Above, candy, beer and the card early on....

Below is the result of this cozy Friday night!

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