fredag 31. august 2012

A new school year has started and a lot of lunch boxes to make - were do  I go for inspiration to make my lunch box more exciting and not borring?. To make my lunch box exciting with so many restrictions that my diagnose gives is a every day challenge. A month ago a new challenge was
thrown at me, I am now also lactose intolerant, this makes my repertoire even smaller.
On a nice sunny day at the lake I was laying on the pier and reading magazine and I found an article about a book that main purpose are to give parents new inspiration and ideas for the kids lunch boxes.
I fell in love with the book right away (I  must admit that I am a book lover, I have more books than I can count, especial cook books ) I decided that this is a book I need to have. I dont have any kids yet, but I thought that this book can give me some inspiration. A couple of days later I
,began my quest for the book, I went to all the books stores close in my visinity without any luck (I dont like to ask for help, so I went home empty handed), when I got home  I made some research on the internet and found out that the book was not  out in the stores yet, the release date was 3 weeks away. So the "long" and cruel wait started.
In the  mean time I began my search for the perfect lunch box. The kids at work have had a lot of fun lunck boxes from a Norwegian designer that is called Blafre, I have always loved these boxes because of the fun designe, but I have never wanted one myself. Mostly because they are kind of "childish" as they main target are children. 
Now I wanted one myself, beause they remind me of my childhood and they room a lot of small boxes and food. I bought this retro style with colours that reminden me of my Old Daycare center I went to in the 80s.
I bought these small boxes when on holiday this Summer, they are perfect for left overs from dinner, fruit, veggies and other good food.

Because of my diet I bake all my bread and rolls myself, I had 
 just made a batch of fresh rolls the other night that  I cut in half and freeze. Every morning while in the shower I heat them in the oven. This way I have fresh rolls every day. I just HATE stale bread/rolls.

I just love my little birdie that eats the little red berries.

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