søndag 24. oktober 2010

Egg white tortilla de patatas

Some of the things that I find hard to vary in my diet is breakfast/lunch and what to put on my sandwiches. So when I am at home I try to make something with eggs.  When I first got a recipe of a egg white omelet  from my nutritionist I said there is no way I am gonna make it. I am a yolk kind of person, I have often cut away the egg withes from my fried egg, so it took me a long time before I tried to make an egg white  omelet.
This morning I had to be creative since my fridge was nearly emtpy, I only had two eggs and that does not make a omelet. I had a cooked potatoe, chili, pickled beats, basil and cured ham and thought that I can try to make my own touch on  a "tortilla de patata" .This is a Spanish dish. Note that in Spain (also in Venezuela) a tortilla is an egg dish, not like a Mexican tortilla. It turned out great.
For one person I used:'

3 egg whites
2 tbsp water
1 sliced boilde potatoe
1 slice of cured ham
1 tspn of sliced red chili
3 slices of pickled beets
1 handful of basil
salt and pepper

Slice the potatoe and place it in a medium heated pan in one or two layers, depending on how thin the slices are. Place the ham, red chili, beets and basil on top of the potatoe slices. Whip egg whites and water a little bit, season it with salt and pepper and pour it over the potatoes. Cook until the egg whites are sett, I often cover the pan with a lid to get the top to settle faster and avoiding the botton of the omelet to burn.

With this recipe you can use what ever you have in your fridge or likes the best.
Serve it with a slice of good bread and a glass of fresh orange juice.


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