søndag 30. januar 2011

News in my kitchen

Yesterday I went to see a friend of mine who lives in Oslo (the capital of Norway) it is a 30 minutes drive from my house. Before I went to see her I had to stop by Traktøren a store with kitchen utensils  where she had bought me this beautiful and practical oil and vinegar bottle with a drip free spout, you can read more about it here. After only a couple of weeks use the spout fell into the bottle which is not suppoe to happen and when I had to pull it out with some force it broke apart. My teory is that the mct-oil I use have ruined the rubber/plastic material the spout is made of. Of course I did not tell the store clerk that when I went to complain and return it, so now they have sent the bottle back to the distributor to see if I can get a new one. I am hoping that it was not the oil that made the product weak, and that I will get a new bottle which is just an amazing kitchen helper.
The point and thought of this post is that I really fooled myself when I thought I could go into just one store when there are many interesting stores just down the street and not buying anything else than the planned spagetti mesurer. After returning my much loved bottle, I bought the spagetti messurer so I can cook the right amount of spagetti for dinner, I always cook way to much. After looking some more around in the store and actually being a good girl and putting back several cool stuff that I wanted, we went to another store. My friend was looking for a thermos cup so she can bring the rest of her morning coffee on the tram to work in the mornings. In this store I found some cool turquoise cooking spoons. This was a sentimental buy since my Grandmother had cooking spoons like these ones. Not turquoise, but I just love the color.

 I also found myself a thermos cup from Bodum, for more products look here. Many of my colleagues have one of these and I have though that I don't need one since I am not much of a hot beverage drinker, but this one was on sale and I love the color!!. After buying the cup I of course had to buy som fresh tea, so we went to the nearest tea and coffee shop where I bought the most delicious Rooibush Mango tea. It is so good that I don't have to add sugar or honey to it. Since I had made a couple of non planned buys I had to find some good reasons justify my purshases: so here they are : number one now I can bring along both hot AND cold beverages and number two since it followed an extra lid without the strainer I can bring a hot toddy (with no alcohol) along also.

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