søndag 30. januar 2011

The Nutcracker, a magical adventure

At an age of 31 years old I finally got to see the The Nutcracker at Boston Opera House performed by The Boston Ballet. My niece who is turning 8 in March went with her Grandmother to see the Nutcracker in the new Opera House in Oslo  (look here) last December to, I think its great that she got to see it at that age because the play is so magical. The Nutcracker has all the components thats just draws you away into the magical word of childhood fantasy and the Kingdom of Sweets ruled by the exquisite Suger Plum Fairy. What hit me while enjoying the play was that all of the audience both children and adults was so in to the play that when the Gingerbread man got his arm torned off everyone gasped. .With all the fun characters, costumes and magical music and dance I enjoyd the play a lot and I have no trouble seeing how this has become a Christmas tradition for many families to see every year
The music is composed by Pytor Tchaikovsky also known as the father of classical ballet music. He has captured the beautiful differences in each type of dance numbers in the play, the luminous falling snow, the sweetness of the Sugar Plum Fairy, the vigor ofthe Russian Treapak and the exotic qualities for the Arabic dance. With his music he makes it easier for the audience to get captured by the music combined with the dance.

Some of my favorite characters is the Gingerbread man, the little lambs that are played so beautifully by the childen ballet dancers, especially the black one that does not quite fit in with the other lambs and of course the Suger Plum Fairy. What a name for a fairy, I can taste the sweetness on my tounge and just dream myself far far away. If I had a large house I would love to have brought the sled home with me, it appeals to all my fairytale senses.

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