torsdag 23. juni 2011

I am in cookware heaven!! Party, Party, Party!!

Last Winter I remodeled my kithcen and I had to throw out all my pots and frying pans exept a wok and two iron pans as I installed a new stove with a induction top. The sad ting about that was that I had to get rid of my beloved pans from Høyang Polaris, the Party collection. They are really expensive and I could not afford to buy all new ones all at once, so I have been on a lookout for a sale and today I finally found one. I was going to buy one pan on a half price sale, and was really happy about that, but guess what!. After picking the box down from the shelf I stumbled over another bargain, 3 pans in different sizes on a 40% sale.  I payed NOK 1000,- and saved about NOK 1500,-. Now I can wish for something exiting for my birthday instead of money for pots and pans.

I love the black designe.

The reason I love and swear to this collection is the reinforced non-stick coating that is essential in fat free cooking. The party collection is also functional and the designe is nice. The quality of the pans are very high as well.

And look how nicly they stack and they take almost any space at all.......

With the lid in glas you can easily watch the cooking prosses of you dish.

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