torsdag 16. juni 2011

Not only homemade food, but also homemade recipe books.

I have for as long as I can remember collected recipes, when I started on my life changing diet a couple of years ago I had to start all over. Last fall I made a resolution to organize all my recipes. I desided that I would make two recipe books, one with the recipes that I want to try and one with the ones I have tried and liked.

  I can't see the point in collecting recipes I don'  much care for. Along the way I make little notes on the recipes of adjustments and modifications that I make. I made the front cover of one of three recipes books last fall and I have been working for the second one for months now, but I have lacked the inspiration to finish it. A couple of nights ago I finished the second one and made the third one that will contain recipes from Flo's Diner. And here are the results, I am pretty pleased.

Before I am satisfied with this project I will have sorted the pages in different categories and scrapped separators.

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