mandag 20. juni 2011

Tapas Tapas

Once in a while some of the girls at work meet up after work for a beer or two. Last week we desided to try out a new Tapas Restaurant, "Tapas Tapas". We were seven  women who met up after work and we all tried a combo of five dishes:
  • Albondigas, meatballs of lam with a spicy tomato saus
  • STT wrap, tortilla with sundried tomatoes and basil (kind of creamy)
  • Gambas con salsa herbario, scampi with a salsa with herbs
  • Chorizo, a spicy Spanish sausage
  • Patatas
served with foccacia and aioli.

I loved all the dishes, most of them was spicy just as I like them. I was a little disapointed of the scampi since it was kind of tasteless, but the tomato saus served with the meatballs was just amazing.
I must admitt that this kind of oily (olive) food is a big no no for me, but once in a while I really need to give my self a treat. I do comit and keep to a really low fat diet in my everyday life.

Tapas,Tapas also have large collection of wine as well, but I was the designated driver that night so I just had apple cider, non alcoholic. I will sertainly go back and try out some of the other dishes and a glas or two of wine. I am going  back to have a glas of cava, thats for  sure. 

Above is two of my favorites, albondigas (meatballs) and patatas (cooked with a lot of sea salt).

This is the most creativ way I have ever been served a "coconut bun" before ( I have no idea what a Coconut bun is called in English). My good colleauge Jonna bought the Panacotta with vanilla ( a lot of vanilla) a much more tapas like desert

I would definitly recomend this restaurant that is located in Lørenskoghus in Lørenskog. You can always call ahead for take away. I aslo find the prices very reasonable compared too other Tapas restaurants in Oslo.


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