søndag 15. mai 2011

Hare filet with macaroni stew and apple and red onion compot

My good friend Karianne, have a look at her interesting blogg (written in Norwegian) pleaded with me to blogg about my first attempt on cooking hare. Hare is not easy to get hold of in my neck of the woods, but lucky for me I have a friend who works with food distribution and he got  me a couple kilos of  good quality hare.
So yesterday I got the hare out of the freezer and made a good attempt on making the most out of this tender piece of meet.
I desided to make it as plain as posible, I belive that less is more when I am cooking good produce. I only seasoned the meat with salt and pepper before cooking it.

I served the hare with a macaroni stew and a compot of apple and red onion.

This makes one serving

one hare filet
salt and pepper

Cut the meat clean and season with salt and pepper before heating a frying pan. Brown the hare and put the lid on the pan for  a couple of minutes before packing it carefully in aluminum foil and let it rest for for 5 minuts before carve it in nice slices

Macaroni stew
1/2 cup/1 dl macaroni
boil as instructed on pakage

Bechamel sauce
1 tsp oil, I use walnutoil since it is in my diet
1 tbsp flour
1 cup/ 2 dl skimmed milk
1/2 shalott onion

Mix the oil, flour and most of the milk and heat it on low heat and let it simmer lightly for five minutes. Add more milk if the sauce gets to thick. Add the onion for the last two minutes of the simmering. Season with salt and pepper to your liking.
Mix the macaroni and bechamel sauce.

1 apple
1 red union

Peel the apple and union and slice them in thin slices before boiling it on low heat for five minutes or until tender, but not mushy.


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  1. Se der, ja! Flinke dama!! Åssen får en tak i hare, egentlig?? Pappa skyter en hvert 5.år, liksom. Ikke så mye å satse på, det..

  2. Snakk med Yngvefar, han har hjulpet meg.