onsdag 25. mai 2011

Canada Dry, ginger ale in "Norwegian"

Ginger Ale has been a childhood memorie from my Summers in New York. My favorite brand has always been Canada Dry. I don't know why,but Schweppes don't taste as good. I almost gave a shriek of joy when I the other day discovered that Canada Dry had come to Norway and I could not leave the supermarked without buying a couple of cans. I was really exited if this would taste as wonderful as when in New York, most food or drinks do not taste as good when it is removed from it natural habitat. However this ginger ale did'nt taste to far off it's original taste.

While taking a big longed after sip I noticed that this can can be recycled in Norway, it says "kun for Norge" (in Norway Only). I thought that was kind of funny. It turnes out that some of the rules and regulations of the Norwegian Goverment is that beverage cans and bottles that are imported into Norway has to be recycled in Norway.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Super jealous. Spent a year in the states and I have been looking for Canada Dry everywhere! Do you remember where you got this? (wath with this entry being a year old or so..) :)

    1. Hi Marine, you can find Canada Dry ginger ale at assorted Meny stores.