torsdag 12. mai 2011

She thinks my tractor's sexy, or not!

I was once told by a 60 year old colleauge that I would end up with a man that drives a tractor, so with this prophesy in my mind I have been looking for a perfect tractor man. I have had no luck with founding this man yet, but I have been day dreaming  about "him" while listening to "She thinks my tractor's sexy" by a Country singer named Kenny Chesney. I like the lyric`s  and his voice.
I am no big youtube fan, but today I had to listen to some music of a band I am going to a consert to see in a couple of weeks when I thought I should look up some of my favorite musicians. While doing so, I found the music video of "she thinks my tractor's sexy". I not quite sure if I like it or not, YES I like resting my eyes on an amazing set of great looking abs, but other than that I think this video is kind of cheesy. In this video Kenny Chesney is a Julio Iglesisas disguised as a cowboy, I dont think that I am to far fetched in this conclusion.

Have a look and make up you own mind.

PS, that is not a sexy tractor DS.

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