søndag 29. mai 2011

Dimmu Borgir

Last night I went to a concert with Dimmu Borgir, a Norwegian black metal band. I must admit that black metal is not what I usually listen to, but when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go I thought why not broaden my horizon. The last musical event I went to was The Nutcracker.
This concert was one of a kind as they had with them 53 members of KORK (the Norwegian Radio Orchestra) and 30 members of the Schola Cantorum Choir. This arrangement of musicians from totally different musical genres mades this an amazing experience and probably a home run for me. This arrangement soften the metal band experience a little.  I could not understand a word of what they sang, in my ears it sounded like deep gutural sounds from animals. I guess that is how it makes it so universal. Fans from all over ther world, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Canada, USA, Chile, Germany and Polen is just a few of the contries they have flewn in from. 
The Schola Cantorum Choir was dressed in long dark hooded cloaks and  their singing gave me chills. Kork was dressed in black and played wonderfully. Some of the music gave me associations to the Lord of the Ring movies.
Going to a hard metal band concert without any preferences made this an exiting adventure and I had to try to look behind the many layers of the music and I enjoyed it a lot.
My conclusion of this wild experiment of mine doing new things is that it was well worth the money to experience Dimmu Borgir alive, but  I will not listen to them in my car or at home.

You can listen to the Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse from the album Death cult armageddon here:


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