onsdag 25. mai 2011

Fat reduced cocoa for baking and drinking

One of my greatest losses when I had to change my diet not to be able to eat my delicious and sinful brownies. I have tried to make a fat free or fat reduced brownies, but I have not manage to find a recepie that has satisfied my tastebuds, I guess they won't be perfect without butter. But I will not give it up yet.

In the mean time I am trying out different types of cocoa so I can try to make a satisfying chocolate cake.

Fie who is the writer of Flo's Diner  (in Danish) a great blogg with fat redused recepies and other fun topics and Mother of a beautiful girl who is diagnosed with VLCADD who is on a diet much like mine. She also makes a lot of fat redused cakes such as I. She wrote about this fat reduced cocoa that she buys in Denmark. I happens to be so lucky that one of my colleauge is Danish and she goes to Denmark all the time, so at Easter I gave her a shopping list to buy for me. She came back with two glasses of baking cocoa and two of cocoa for drinking, since I had not made a note specifing what kind of cocoa I wanted.
There is only 12% of cocoa fat and that is half of the amount of fat in the cocoa I can buy in Norway. This is a great discovery for me, so either I have to fly down to Denmark with a couple of good girlfriends and have a Girls weekend in Cophenhagen soon  and hoarding cocoa or get Jonna to buy me a big suply next time she goes south to Denmark so I can fill up my pantry.

I do live in the wrong contrie to be on a fat free diet, both my neigbouring contries Sweden and Denmark has more products that are fat redused/free than Norway. That sucks.

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